In parallel with my consulting practice, I’ve been heavily involved in various professional activities. 

I’m a member of the profession’s two top measurement think tanks. I’m an Emeritus Member of the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission (IPRMC), having been first elected to serve in 2001. I was named a Fellow of the International Association for Evaluation and Measurement of Communication (AMEC), having been a member since its inception. 

Recently, I led a major international study on the structure of communication departments and on the factors that influence the choice of organizational design. The IABC Research Foundation sponsored the four-year long research project. Members of the international team of academics and practitioners included Dr. Sriramesh Krishnamurthy; Dr. Danny Moss; Dr. Maria Aparecida Ferrara, Dr. Peter Stokes and Bert Regeer.  

Currently, I’m managing another international research project, with funding from the IPR, under the banner of the Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards. The project is investigating the numerous multi stage measurement models (output; outtakes; outcomes; impacts; etc.) in use for PR/Communication measurement and evaluation. The intent of the project is to determine a standard model as well as standards for terminology at each stage. Members include: Dr. David Geddes; Dr. Jim Macnamara; Tim Marklein; Mark Weiner; Dr. Mark-Steffen Buchele; Dr. Rebecca Swenson; Dr. Nathan Gilkerson; Michael Ziviani; Alexander Buhmann and Dr. Sarab Kochhar.  

I have had the pleasure of presenting at important academic and professional international conferences, including: the Global Alliance's World PR Forum; Bledcom International Public Relations Research Conference; the annual international conferences of PRSA, CPRS and IABC; the International Public Relations Research Conference; History of Public Relations; Council of Communication Management (now Communication Leadership Exchange); Institute for Public Relations’ Annual Summit on Measurement; National Association of Government Communicators; UK Public Relations Consultants Association; the UK Communication Directors Forum; Melcrum’s Strategic Communication Management conferences; and the PRSA Executive Education Program.

I’ve enjoyed being an adjunct professor at the undergraduate and graduate levels, teaching a course on communication department management in the MBA in Public Relations and Communication Management Program at Royal Roads University and courses on public relations practice in the Department of Communication at the University of Ottawa. I’ve also been a guest lecturer at public relations and communication classes in the US, UK and Canada.

I’m a member of the Advisory Board of the annual International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC), where I co-sponsor and fund the Jackson-Sharpe Award for the best academic-professional co-authored paper. I’m an elected Fellow of the Canadian Public Relations Society. I’m accredited by the profession and have a graduate degree where my research emphasis was on issues management and the role of interest/stakeholder groups in the public policy development process. It’s been an honour to have received major awards for my contributions to the profession. My list of publications includes book chapters in scholarly texts, papers in academic journals and articles and reports in professional association and industry publications.